By working together we can create progress.

Daniel supports the efforts of politicians throughout Illinois that are trying to improve the world we live in. He is prepared to cooperate with efforts and causes at the Federal, State, County, Township, and local levels. Daniel also believes that Cook County can take a leading role on issues like taxation, education, and inter-city transit that have the potential to transform the entire Midwest.

We must look to the future, not the past, to solve our problems.

End Illinois’s prohibition on a Progressive Income Tax.

Paying for more local government operations with a State income tax.

Allowing local governments to levy their own income tax.

Restore the basic human right of a vote to our State’s incarcerated population.

Build a regional high speed transit system that will…

Travel from Gary to Chicago to Milwaukee in about one hour.

Connect Northern Illinois’s smaller cities, like Rockford and Peoria, to a vibrant regional culture.

Restructure the academic calendar’s summer break into multiple, shorter breaks so we can…

Improve educational outcomes without increasing the length of the school year.

Prepare our children for a modern economy that requires them to work year-round.

Provide better monitoring, flexibility, and support for our most vulnerable students.

Unify Cook County into a single City-County government that can…

Implement a simpler, fairer, more effective tax system.

Provide opportunity to everyone regardless of zip code.

Balance urban and suburban representation with a bicameral legislature.