In 2017 only 3.2% of our County's budget will be spent on economic development.

By the year 2050 two-thirds of the global population will live in urban areas.

As one of the world’s largest and wealthiest urban areas, Cook County has the potential to benefit heavily from urban population growth.

Daniel wants to create an infrastructure and tax system that will support and attract a larger population over the coming decades. This includes...

A complete tax reform package that will...

Reduce local governments’ reliance on complicated and regressive property taxes, fees, and fines.

Shift to a simpler, fairer system of sales and capital gains taxes.

Fund local jurisdictions through a unified County-level tax.

Investments in our urban culture to attract talent, innovation, and ideas.

Funding for locally important or globally underserviced scientific research.

Bringing our infrastructure into the modern era so we can…

Save money on annual operating and repair costs.

Integrate every community in Cook County into an affordable and reliable rapid transit system.

Connect Cook County to every resident of the Gary-Chicago-Milwaukee corridor.

Want a better Economy? Daniel has plans to Protect Workers and Consumers that will attract new talent and customers to Cook County. Daniel also has plans to Protect Our Environment that will save property owners and our government millions of dollars every year.