Carbon neutrality is a necessity, not a dream.

Protecting our environment isn’t just good for our planet, it is good for our economy.

We can reduce local pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and save money all at the same time.

As Commissioner, Daniel has a plan to achieve carbon neutrality in Cook County by the year 2050, surpassing our Paris Climate Agreement goals. This begins with an immediate 40% reduction in net carbon emissions by the year 2030. For that to happen we will need to break with outdated traditions, some of which predate the scientific method.

Transition our roofs, lawns, and parkways into surfaces for native plant life...

Reversing the urban heat island effect.

Absorbing 20% of our annual carbon emissions.

Lowering the utility costs associated with heating and cooling.

Filtering street-level pollutants that cause asthma and lung disease.

Reducing rainwater runoff and saving millions in infrastructure maintenance and water treatment.

Providing habitat for native animals that will compete with urban pests.

Saving the average property owner hundreds of dollars annually in roof and lawn maintenance.

Invest in renewable wind energy that is...

Reliable and available 24 hours a day.

A cost-effective way to repurpose dilapidated areas of the County.

A mature technology built on centuries of industrial evolution.

Build a new urban community that...

Makes walking or biking easier and more practical.

Improves the availability, speed, reliability, and comfort of public transit.

Recycles effectively and limits industrial waste.

Researches agricultural techniques that will reduce reliance on carbon-intensive farmland.

Want a better Environment? Daniel also supports efforts across our government that will make the goal of zero net carbon emissions even easier to achieve.