Attracting the best workers is the only way to attract the best businesses.

We don’t have to choose between protecting our workers, protecting our customers, and growing our economy.

Protecting shoppers from marketing tricks and restrictive terms of service will boost consumer confidence and increase sales.

Daniel knows that the challenges of the modern world require us to protect and support the backbone of our economy – the people who live, work, and shop here. He supports the current Democratic Party efforts to raise the minimum wage and provide paid personal leave to everyone in Cook County, but his proposals go well beyond this widely agreed upon platform. Daniel believes our laws need to protect every worker whether they have a new job every year or work one job for an entire lifetime.

We can create a happier, healthier workforce that is more productive as a result.

Limit the terms and conditions that can be placed on employment or sales.

Prevent wage discrimination of women and minorities by...

Prohibiting tipped labor.

Forcing potential employers to disclose wage ranges they currently pay for the same or similar positions.

Preventing employers from requiring potential employees to disclose their current or past wages.

Improve price transparency for consumers.

Displaying after-tax prices in retail stores and restaurants.

Forcing corporations to include all fees and charges in their pricing.

Ending unpaid internships and co-ops.

Creating more openings for recent graduates.

Preventing competition from unpaid workers.

Common sense workplace protections that include…

Expanding the definition and application of overtime.

“Chairs for cashiers” type health and safety laws for retail and office workers.

Prohibiting abusive forms of on-call or variable schedule shift work for unskilled workers.